How much does a website cost for a company?

The total cost of a website depends on its size, complexity, and whether or not you hire a professional web designer. If you create your website yourself, you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. A business website can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. Expenses related to web design, website maintenance and website marketing affect the total cost of a website.

In some cases, the annual costs of maintaining your website may increase due to one-time investments, such as redesigning a logo or critical page. Your SSL certificate is another website design and maintenance cost that your company needs to purchase an SSL certificate to launch your site, and then you have to renew your certification every year. Whether you're looking to launch an entirely new website or redesign your existing site, your company should consider some web design and development costs. Next, we'll take an in-depth look at all three methods and provide you with a summary of all the costs involved, so you can choose the best route for your budget.

It is quite difficult to know which design costs more just by looking at them, which shows that there is no right or wrong way to create a website. Whether you're going solo or using a web design company, let us explain the costs of creating a website step by step. You don't need to pay for the themes, hosting, or security of your website; all of these costs are included in your website builder subscription. Below, we will summarize the three main methods of creating a website and how much it costs to create a website with each one, to help you choose the best value option for you.