Web creation reviews?

Great service and a great website. Two business partners have already asked where we designed our site and were surprised at the price we paid. I have already recommended WebCreationAU to them. Kevin Dickins from Broadgate Residential Investments.

I would highly recommend them for any SEO work. Creating my business has been hard work for me, but the website creation part was a dream come true. WebCreationAU was very helpful in its support and guidance for the website and was even happy to change things at the last minute, so I was 100% satisfied with the website before it was published. WebCreationUS will issue a refund if requested within 30 days after the initial payment has been made.

From start to finish, Webcreation AU has taken care of everything from design to hosting. I was so disappointed with the sudden change in service, the manner and tone of the correspondence that I contacted other Webcreation employees with whom I had established a good relationship and that they said I could always reach out if I had a problem of any kind or magnitude. After this deadline, all payments are non-refundable, as WebCreationUS has committed time and resources for the customer's website project. I found WebCreationUK with Google, and after seeing the other sites they had been responsible for, I decided I would use them.

Giving Webcreation (which I had a pleasant experience for 5 years until this incident) the benefit of the doubt, I think they were overwhelmed and unable to restore my website. WebCreationUK only cares about money, they don't care about customer satisfaction or building a healthy reputation. I was very happy with my website created by WebCreationUK, the designer was very patient and designed a beautiful website for me. The initial misleading documentation promising to use “relevant websites”, creating “quality links” using “industry best practices” and providing a “content creation and distribution service to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Flickr, Daily Motion” turned out to be total nonsense.

I was rubbing my hand at the prospect of working with WebCreationUK because of all the promises they made to me; a fully functioning e-commerce site that ran contests and accepted payments. After talking to Hayden and feeling more at ease, I thought I'd check out the Add People website and WebCreationUK on Google's site checker and low and behold, the Add People site got a score of around 35% and the WebCreationUK site got a score of around 95%, which confirmed my suspicions that Add People didn't know what they were talking about. about and right after getting people to go into long contacts and scare them with technology, talk to get them to buy more of their services. Leizel saved the day for web creation and I think employees like her need to be recognized especially in a time of crisis.